Monday, April 26, 2010

My Funny Son

Jayvon has the quirkiest sense of humour, I tell ya!

A few nights ago, as I was laying on the bed with him, putting him to sleep, he suddenly turned to me and said…

“Mommy, I want chup chup.”

“What?!? What’s that?”

“Chup-Chup. I want chup-chup!”

I was still in a state of confusion. My first thought was this…


But then Jay elaborated…

“Mommy, I want to suck chup-chup!”

Realisation struck me.

He was talking not about lollipops, but about this:image

A baby pacifier!

If you follow my blog regularly, you’d probably realised that photos of Jay with a pacifier hanging off his mouth is practically non-existent, and you are right! Even as a baby, he disliked the pacifier. Not for the want of trying. I probably bought about 5 different types of pacifiers in the first few months of Jay’s birth. Not to mention countless more bottles. And he just didn’t take very much to pacifiers or bottles in particular.

So when he, at a “ripe old” age of 26 months wanted a chup-chup, I knew he was just trying to be funny (and push back bedtime! Haha!)

This phrase “chup-chup” wasn’t even introduced by us. Even with my mother, I nagged at her incessantly and kept reminding her to use proper English words with Jay. No “orh-orh” when you can say “poo”, and no “mum-mum” when it is simply “eat”!

I went on to “interrogate” Jay…

“Who has a chup-chup?”

Cheeky smile… “Nicolas has chup-chup!” (Nicolas is his good friend in Little Big)

“Anyone else?”

Thinking here… “Hmmm….”

“Does Rachel have a chup-chup? Does Zachary?”

A pretty non-committal “Hmm.”

So I changed tack. “So, who doesn’t have a chup-chup?”

Cheeky smile again. “Miss Yun no chup-chup.”

“How about Miss Yi? Does Miss Yi have a chup-chup?”

“Nooo… but I want chup-chup. I want chup-chup. I want chup-chup…”

I finally figured a way out.

I made up a funny little song. That simply went…

“Big boys…. don’t need chup-chup!
Bom bom bom bom…
Big boys don’t need chup-chup!”

Jay was so tickled by the song and the lyrics, he happily went to sleep. Without a chup-chup. Knowing that he was a big boy, and therefore in no need of one.

But being the cheeky little thing, he asked for a chup-chup again last night!

This song will be in my repertoire for a while more, I think. Either that, or I WILL go and buy a pacifier for him, just to see how he will react to it. Haha!


龙哥 said...

this blog post is soooo funnny!!!!!!!!

Shi said...

love reading ur blog :) keep updating abt jay!

San said...

@JD & Shi: Thanks thanks... Haha! :)

Ed or Edmund Tay said... funny...

Chup chup!