Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drinking from a Straw

One thing that Jay does very well, is to drink from a straw. And while he is 26 months, he started straw-drinking very early. And coupled with the fact he didn’t enjoy drinking from a bottle, he quickly made the leap to drink from a bottle by the time he turned 1 year old.

In fact, the person to blame thank cause this early development of straw drinking was none other than Aunty Teresa!

I happened to open my hard disk, and saw these old photos. Felt inspired to post them!

When Jay was just 10 months old (the dates of the photos tell me it was 21 November 2008), Aunty Teresa introduced him to water chestnut drink, and he then learnt how to suck from a straw.




Even then, you can see how “hungry” he was! Haha!

(Don’t ask me why he was shirtless… ask the perpetrator, Aunty Teresa!)

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Mammatalk said...

Cutie! I heard straw drinking helps with the muscle development of your tongue and mouth which lends a hand to better speech. Good thinking, Auntie! :+)