Thursday, May 06, 2010


I signed up on a one-month unlimited detoxing package with Body Inc, together with some colleagues. I think all the tweets on 600 crunches have gotten to our heads and bruised our fat-but-nonetheless-extremely-fragile egos. Haha!

Today is Day 3.

So far, I’ve been electrocuted, burnt, tanned, steamed and majorly perspired in the name of detoxification.

Why detox? Well, it is to reduce the amount of toxins and pollution into our body and at the same time, to promote healthy eating and nutrition to help our body effectively clear the toxins. All in all, it bodes well for a healthier body!

And it is a trying schedule – we go every lunch, for a quick 30-minute detox session, and then rush all the way back.

I am so glad to be doing this with colleagues – they are my motivation when I feel a tad tired! Hahaha!

For the next month, it’s gonna be more water…


and more fruits


for me!

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