Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Talk To A Stranger A Day?

I don’t do well with small talk.

And so I see strangers pass me by every single day, on the train, on the bus (when I do take public transport), the cab driver (this is the more common sight for me), the store assistants, at the food places…

It takes courage to talk to a stranger. They can think I am a weirdo (which is baaaaaad) or they can be the weird ones (which is baaaaaaaaaaadder!)! Hahaha!

It also takes a certain amount of thickskin-ness! There’s always the possibility of rejection and awkwardness (how do you end such a conversation?)

Sure, there are fleeting moments when I wish I had the courage to walk up to a random stranger and go, “Oh, I love your shoes! Where did you get them?” (I would love for this to happen to me!). Or walk up to a bus-stop, smile at someone and say, “Finally it’s not so scorching hot in Singapore!”.

Well, my friend and colleague has started her very first blog, with this totally cool idea. It’s called Talk to a Stranger A Day. Yes, you’ve got that right! She is going to talk to a stranger for a minute for the next 365 days! How AWESOME is that! Pop over to show her some love please! ;)


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龙哥 said...

totally heart it!