Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Morning at WowART Studios

Being a blogger can a pretty cool thing. Haha!

On Saturday, a group of parent bloggers were invited for a media hands-on session at WowART Studio, together with our lil’ ones.


Here’s Jay and his funny face, as we were waiting for the session to begin.

Soon, the children were all ushered into a separate room. Check out their matching yellow aprons! So cute and bright!


See those black pieces on the table? It’s black clay!

And most interestingly, the principle told us that they would use this seemingly-yucky black colour on purpose, as children who take to using black would easily take to the other colours like red or blue or green. However, children who are introduced to the colours first would usually not like the colour black. So true!


At first, he was more interested in introducing the black clay to his black gorilla.


But he soon got into the hang of it! And after working on the black clay, he finally got introduced to the colours! And they applied colours on their masterpieces.


And what were the parents doing?

Drinking coffee? Relaxing? Chit-chatting?

I was kinda expecting to do so.

But we were doing the EXACT SAME ART PIECE!

Loads of fun, laughter and squeals from the parents’ room as we were teasing each other on how our art pieces will turn out.


Mommy’s work?


This was the canvas, pressed down black clay on a board…


… which finally looked like this…


And ended up like this!

Pretty cool (if I may say so myself!)


And this was Jay’s final masterpiece! Gorgeous!


The parents and ourlittle Da Vincis in the making…

What a fun way to spend the morning!

Thanks to WowART and The Right Spin for inviting us!

If you want to know more about this class, or give it a try yourself,

WowART Studio

Address: 200 Upper Thomson Road #01-10
Thomson Imperial Court
(Opposite Longhouse)

Contact: 6352-2221

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