Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day at Watami Restaurant

On Saturday after service, Nic & I decided to go for our family dinner, celebrating Mother’s Day with Jay.

It was a long day, with our WowART session in the morning, followed by service, but we decided to spend the evening with Jay and with some good food as well. It turned out to be such a good decision!



Nic recommended the Watami Restaurant at The Central, and so off we went for some good Jap food.


There was sooooooooooo much food to choose from! Love their extensive offering, and gorgeous looking photos.


Nic ordered the seafood reimen. Notice, it’s reimen, and not the usual ramen we know and slurp up. It’s COLD noodles, in a kimchi-like base. The cold noodles were also unlike the usual ramen, but were much spring-ier. Bits of sashimi floated around, making this a very appetising meal because of the sour-ish soup base.


I had charsiew ramen, my “usual” Jap dish. I order this dish at most Jap restaurants, so that Jay can also take some of the noodles as his meal as well! Haha…


I cannot remember the name of this maki dish, but it was yummylicious!


Grilled Saba fish. Juicy and yummy.


One of their seasonal offerings, Skewer King – reminds me a lot of Tonkatsu’s famous pork filets! The mayo was divine though!

Yes, my diet plan totally went out the window just for that meal. Hahaha!


Nic ordered this choc ice cream dessert for Jay. Unfortunately, it came before Jay really finished his noodles and the moment he saw it, he declared, “I’m done!” and reached out for the dessert. =.=

This was the only dent in the otherwise-impeccable service of the restaurant!

I love this place, and will definitely come back again!

Watami Restaurant (Central Branch)

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central,
Singapore 059817

Tel: (65) 6323 3398
Operating hours: 11.30am to 11pm

They have another branch at Ion Orchard as well!

Disclaimer: Nope, this ain’t a sponsored blog post! Haha!


Jerb said...

Wow, the maki looked REALLY yummy!

San said...

@Jerb: It WAS! *yummmm*