Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shifting House: Days 2 & 3

In a word: TIRED.

In two words: DOG TIRED!

Gosh, our bones have never creaked as much… we have planned and spent, and walked and spent some more over the last 3 days.

Day 2 of the shift marked the painters resuming their painting job with a vengence. Well, not really. But it wasn’t too bad. In between their hour-long lunch breaks and frequent smoke breaks (cos Nic refused to let them smoke in the rooms), they managed to do quite a fair bit. Most of the original colours of the house have been covered up, and the palette is returning to a nice and homely… NEUTRAL colour.

My helper (and thank God for her!) has been working hard scrubbing the kitchen area while the painters work on the bedrooms and living room area, and Nic & I made a quick trip to Ikea to get some household stuff. We just spent 90 minutes. And plonked down some $380 there. Sigh. House shifting is one expensive business!

Day 3 was the day of walking for me! I went to Balestier to get some lights. Once again flexing some significant shopping muscle, I bought 14 lights in a record 30 minutes, and spent yet another $900!

Jay’s room is also coming along nicely, and we bought some nice and brightly-coloured things for his room. I just need to get some nice animal wall decals, and a set of bedsheets, and I think his room should be done!

Such a tiring few days, but as we work on this house, we are so excited to see it take shape. Looking forward to moving in!


Our master bedroom – finally painted. Lily White & Mocha Delight


Our kitchen… The flat’s previous owners did a good job, and the cabinets are still in a pretty good condition!


Messy messy messy living room…

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