Saturday, May 15, 2010

Never Let Your Kid…

There are many lessons parenthood teaches us.

You learn to see the bright side of things. Like how poo is a good thing when it comes to kids. Or like how sleep is such a sacred thing.

You learn lots of useful things too. Like how I can sing the Animal ABC song “A is for the alligator, with a mouth so big. B is for the beaver who likes to build and dig…”

Today I learnt one new lesson.

Never let your kid play with your camera.

He happily brought it around the house, and was so tickled seeing the image from the camera viewer.

Then he got startled.

And he got so excited he forgot he was holding my expensive camera and not his cheap plastic animal toy.

And he flung my camera behind him. Smashing the poor thing on the floor.


Looks fine, ya?

Except the camera’s NOT turned on.

The lens is stuck.


R.I.P. my dearly departed Ixus 75… :(


daphne said...

Oh man that hurts!! The kids have destroyed most of my electronic stuff, including my iphone so I feel your pain. Best excuse to get a new cam though! :)

ED said...

Oh No....

I guess its time to buy a new camera! :)

At least it was not the DSLR! :)