Sunday, June 06, 2010

How Much Would U Give?

Recently, RazorTV took to the streets and interviewed members of the public, asking them questions about giving to the house of the Lord.

It’s like asking a non-animal lover how they would feel at the passing of their beloved pooch. If you asked me, I would try my best to muster up all my emotions on how I might feel and give a lame “Well, I would really be sad. It’s like… a tragedy, you know.”

Or asking someone how they would spend a million dollars.

Or asking a single what it is like to be married.

To someone who has zero personal experience, all they are bringing across is their own personal opinions, with a healthy dose of imagination.

Which is fine. Except when you ask questions like “Would you downgrade your home to give to the Lord?” and given that this was taken out of context of one of Pastor’s sermons.

The couple who did so, did so as they heard from the Lord and they felt the peace to do so. But there are also many others who didn’t downgrade their homes and yet still gave their best to God during the Building Fund period.

Someone answered: “Donations are all about giving what you can, not going above your means… It doesn’t mean you have to downgrade or to do something to give more. Just give what you can.”

I agree. But the context is Pastor Kong wasn’t trying to solicit donations from the public. It is within the four walls of the church, asking members to pool together their finances for the work of God. Yes, it is considered a donation, but also much more than merely that. It differs from, say, me giving $0.20 to someone selling flags for donations on the street-side.


Frond said...

I agree that the snippet posted was taken outta context. I also agree that when God speaks to you, you tend to do what He tells you to even if it seems totally crazy at that point in time. The reasons may show up after the decision is acted on. I know its happened to us many times and really taught us the imporatance of obedience.

A sacrifice should bring tears or it really isn't a sacrifice right?

San said...

Hi Frond... Gosh, EXACTLY! :)

Sheryl said...

We all know it's RazorTV, meant to cut & hurt as it's name implies. I can say more nasty things but we practise wisdom & self-control on our courses of action. I hope they don't disrupt racial harmony in Singapore, if not it's Razor no more!