Monday, June 07, 2010

Our Show of Love


We are all hardly youths. Inching towards 30 years of age. (Most of us, anyhow…)

But we were (mostly) youths when we first entered the doors of City Harvest Church. Togged in our secondary or junior college uniforms, having the nerdiest of hairstyles, though our pimply adolescence… this has been our literal home away from home. Where we found our spouse, our loves, our life’s purpose, and most importantly, the place where we encountered God.

In this time in our church history, we just wanted to show our love for this house. More than just being physically present in the service, one member proposed doing up placards. And so we did. We wanted something simple yet loud. Each placard was lovingly hand-coloured with black markers (cos we were concerned the paint wouldn’t dry in time).

And so here we are. All grown up. With our own families, kids, careers, life.

But not forgetting from where we came from, and who helped us each step of the way.

No one knows what the next few months will hold, nor do we know what the final verdict will be. But a family sticks together and prays through it all regardless.

City Harvest is our family. :)


Mammatalk said...

What a heart warming post. So nice that you found such a great support.

Edmund said...

I'm so proud of your cell group! What great members you have to show their love for the church. :)