Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indoor Fun

With the recent rainy weather, it has forced us to stay indoors a lot more. As fanatical as Jay is over his animals and puzzles, some reprieve and distraction is much needed at times.

Enter the humble Aqua Doodle.


Which allow kids to create art by using a pen filled with water. That’s right. Non-toxic water. Which equates to non-permanent-scribbles on walls or floor or hands or feet.


He had such fun with it!

And when he got bored with it (after like 5 minutes), his attention soon wandered to other places.


Like sticking the pen in one eye.

If he did this with a regular marker, you’d hear my screams bouncing off the walls.

But see, water only (That’s Jayvon’s phrase).

It’s cool. I’m cool.


And doodling on his leg.


And his bed.

Thankfully there is no washing off to do! :) Great toy for a mischievous boy!

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