Monday, June 28, 2010

The iPhone 4


This is one of those pretty things that tug at my heart-strings.

Starhub and M1 has learnt their previous lesson well, having lost a number of their customers to Singtel, as it was the first to launch the iphone in the market previously. Now, an “early registration” is available on both Starhub and M1.

I am blackberrified. I do still kinda love my blackberry.

But pretty things rock my world. And after my iPad, I am starting to lurve Apple!

Oh, and speaking of my iPad, I am super “suaku” (read: ignoramus!), but I just bought and downloaded Plants vs Zombies. It is so fun playing it on my iPad.


And something about shooting down mindless zombies that resonate so with my life nowadays. Thinking how to trip them up, slow them down, take them out! I think I would love the HD version of this app, but at US$9.99 it is too expensive even for MY standards!! Nic says the iPad has become my gamePad. Haha! But I love it so. :)


yan ping. said...

berry ftw! :)

Xia said...

This is my fav game on iPhone! :) Heehee.

Esther said...

Apple all the way la! Me and Adrian converted to Mac and other apple products 2 years back.. no turning back!I find PC so hard to use nowadays.. an BB is definitely a NO NO for me, Iphone is the way