Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My iPad. Yes, it is here!

My gorgeous new toy.


Thanks to my dearest hubby for traveling all the way to Admiralty to pick it up from Esther after his night shift.

Syncing it now, and I can’t wait to try it out!


But the screensaver almost gave me a heart-attack. Do you see a short white line in the photo above? Well, I thought that (and other similar short white lines) were scratches!!! On my beautiful NEW iPad?!

Then… Oh. Just part of the design of the wallpaper.


I am no techie, but the reason I decided to get the iPad is…

Because I love pretty things.

And pretty doesn’t get prettier than this beauty.

Of cos it is also because I don’t want to lug my heavy laptop out on the weekends, and yet I can still get some work done (if need be)!

But really. It is the beauty of the iPad.

One app Nic absolutely adores is Angry Birds. I totally am horrid at it. But he is reeeeeeal good, and he was imagining playing Angry Birds on a full iPad-size slate.


Erm. Not much difference. Haha! I need to get the iPad version of Angry Birds! :P

Well, I am looking forward to fiddling more with my new toy.


Hemsem Ahmike said...

Nice :)

Lol I am good in Angry Birds, in fact my fav game in my iPod. One day should challenge your hubby :)

God bless. ;)

San said...

@Hensem: Hahaha! Wah, then you sure need to get to know my laogong. He has gotten 3 stars for all stages, now trying to break record -.-

Oh, and for the record, you CAN enlarge the existing ipod/iphone games. Haha! I just noticed a small "2x" icon on the bottom left corner so you can enlarge the app to full size (but resolution-wise will lose out a little).

Kelvin Ang said...

It is only today I saw one guy reading his ipad in west coast mac. And that looked real cool and awesome!