Friday, June 18, 2010

That’s why he’s my pastor…

I’ve recently been thinking about the phrase “Courage under fire.”

So much has been said about the entire City Harvest investigation, and late last night, Pastor Kong put up his new blog post entitled rather aptly, “Reflections.”

KH blog

In it, Pastor wrote: “My relationship with God is and always has been at the centre of my life. During times of adversity, I have always taken comfort in one thing that I know to be true: I have honestly served God and shepherded His people to the best of my abilities. It matters most to me that my account to God is absolute and I can say without hesitation that I have done my best to glorify His name and build His church. Loving God is my deepest passion and it is my greatest privilege to serve Him with all I have.

I am proud to be a member of this great church, and proud to have such a man as my pastor. He is someone who didn’t just preach an inspiring message. He is someone that has lived an inspiring life. His deep love for God is so evident, it inspires us all to love God more and serve Him more. I remember the last session that Pastor preached during the Asia Conference, he said something like “maybe I don’t say it enough, but as your pastor, I really love all of you.” I think this is probably best said flipped.We don’t say it enough. As members of this church, we really love Pastor Kong. For his leadership. His guidance. His love for God.

Maybe it is the way we run our services, with bright lights and loud music and the contemporary way we dress, that gives a lot of people the impression that as a church we aren’t very “deep.” Sure, there aren’t any organs or harps in our church services. We dress sharply, each to our best ability (and budget). The term “Sunday best” was first coined to refer to dressing up for church, remember? So sometimes our spiritual depth as a church may be overlooked or even misunderstood.

When Pastor Phil came last weekend to encourage the church, he said that whenever there is a shaking (or a trial), whatever can be shaken away will be shaken but that which remains will be strengthened. Personally, while this may be an emotionally trying period (it sure doesn’t feel good to see so much slurs against your pastor), but yet it is also a time for us to seek after the Lord all the more.


Anonymous said...

Very nice San - but reads in place a little like a eulogy although he is very much alive and whatever the outcome - has many decades to
continue giving whatever the circumstances - just like
the apostle Paul.

Whether in chains or free ..

San said...

Hi Anon: Haha! Really? A eulogy? Ooh, that sombre a mood? Well, I do agree that there are still decades of contribution back into the kingdom of God, both for Pastor and the church! :)