Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sing me a song, Mommy…

Now that World Cup fever is well underway in our household, it means that Jay either has to sleep at 930PM sharp. Or Mommy takes over bed duties.

I consider it my wifely duties.

Give my man his space with the TV.

Side note: Even in between the matches, he is contented to leave the TV tuned to the World Cup channel. I know, it cost him an exorbitant $70+ (no thanks to Starhub). But maybe I can catch a few episodes of Desperate Housewives or NCIS? Just a thought, dear.

Making Jay sleep is a test of my vocal prowess.

Mommy is one mean storytelling machine. Jack & the beanstalk? Goldilocks & the 3 bears? Been there, done that, spun the tale!

Now, his favourite phrase is…

Sing me a song, Mommy.

It would be easier if he allowed me to sing any song.

Just the Animal ABC song.

I am happy Jay loves animals. I really do.

But singing this every single night may be a bit too much to bear. He would even tell me off if I try to skip the lion roars or the wolf howls. Haha! He knows how to sing this entire song too. Of cos the lyrics may be a bit garbled and pronunciation off, but listen carefully and you can hear him go…

A is for the alligator, with a mouth so big.
B is for the beaver, who likes to build and dig.
C is for the camel, with a hump upon its back.
D is for the duck who always goes quack-quack-quack-quack.
Quack, quack, quack, quack.
E is for the elephant, the biggest one is he.
F is for the fox he’s just as smart as he can be.
G is for giraffes, with a neck that’s oh-so-long.
H for hippopotamus, so big and fat and strong.
I is for the ibex, he’s the cousin to the goat BLEEEH
J is for the jaguar, with spots upon its cat.
K for kangaroo, he’s from the land down under.
L is for the lion king, his roar is just like thunder.
M is for the monkey, he’s the cutest little thing.
N is for the nightingale, who always likes to sing.
O is for the ostrich, he hides his head in the sand.
P is for the pelican, his bill holds more than his belly can.
Q is for the quail who has a little bitty tail.
R is for the rabbit, he’s swifter than a gale.
S is for the skunk, to tease him is to fumble.
T is for the tiger, he’s the terror of the jungle.
U is for the urno, an animal from Brazil.
V is for the vulture, always waiting for the kill (AAAH!)
W for wolf, a mean and heartless cur.
X is for the xerus with a tail of tuffly fur.
Just 2 more letters and the story will be told.
Y is for yellowtail, a fish that’s painted gold.
Just 1 more letter, and class will be dismissed,
Z is for the zebra, the last one on the list!

Ta-da! I always thought about penning this down, and I’m glad I had the chance too now. These lyrics were honed through hundreds of times of listening through the video, and as the volume isn’t the clearest, this is the best we’ve got. The letters S and X were the hardest for us to decipher. If your kid has a soft spot for animals, I promise this video is a sure-winner!


Klessis said...

OMG. I would never have memorized that truckload of lyrics! Man, u're power!

San said...

Hahaha! U must understand the number of times I have heard this video! :P