Saturday, August 28, 2010

“The doors on the bus goes open and …”

Jay is into his singing songs out loud stage.

He absolutely loves to belt out songs. Anytime. Anywhere. Particularly in public locations.

He loves to sings “I’m a little teapot” and “Twinkle twinkle little star” and Barney’s “I love you” and “Oh
Mr Sun”…

One of his loves has got to be The Wheels on the Bus. He watches different variations of this on Youtube, on my iPad.


Once, we were in a lift, and the doors accidentally closed on someone trying to exit.

Jay looked at me and ask what happened.

My brain was probably still sleeping. I don’t know how else to explain what I explained to Jay.

But I told him, “Oh, the doors giap-ed the uncle.”

Sigh. Giap-ed?!?! I could have slapped myself.

Jay: “Why the doors giap-ed the uncle?”

Double sigh. It would figure Jay would pick up that word instantly.

Mommy: “Maybe because he walked too slow?”

The conversation had a few more “Why? Why? Why?” from a quizzical 31-month-old, and a few half-hearted replies from a stumped Mommy.

But at the end, Jay never fails to remind me of my verbal boo-boo.

Now when he sings The Wheels on the Bus…

And when he comes to the part when the doors go open and shut, he sings with great gusto, complete with hand actions too!

The doors on the bus goes open and giap the uncle,
open and giap the uncle,
open and giap the uncle.
The doors on the bus goes open and giap the uncle,
all day long!


Edmund said...

Ai yo...He is really very Smart! :)

San said...

@Edmund: Haha! He is, never fails to bring a tear to my eye with his many antics. :P