Friday, August 06, 2010

YOG Visa Prepaid

You’ve probably seen Lyo and Merly around town.

They’re the mascots for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, to be held right here in sunny Singapore from 14 – 26 August 2010. And to mark this awesome event, DBS has launched a special Youth Olympic Games Visa Prepaid Card, with what else, but Lyo and Merly, as the face to it.


After getting hold of this card, I showed Jay, knowing he’d be excited to see the cute mascots.


Maybe it was too much to hope he’d give me some heart-warming shot.

Soon, he decided sitting on the card was much more fun.


So I decided to go for an easier model.


Bear-bear was much more accommodating…

Well, unlike other credit cards, to get your hands (or paws, in the case of Bear-Bear) on this prepaid visa card, there is no minimum income or age requirement. Topping up the card is also a breeze, with numerous options to do so, via the DBS website, Singpost branches, TransitLink Add value machines at all MRT stations. And once topped up, it works like any other credit card! So really, Jayvon himself can use this card. What a good way to teach him budgeting!

How did I choose to “break” my new card?

Online shopping of course! New togs for Jay and Mommy! (heee….)

With all the “risk” associated with giving your credit card details online, this is a superb option for people who are wary of credit card fraud (though I must say I have never experienced this, in all my online shopping timessssss…) But still, it is a good way to buy from your favourite online store, and have ease of mind (and importantly, to not be tempted to overspend… oh gosh, how I know this well!)

Apart from the Visa functions, it also doubles up as an EZ-Link card.

Well, I am happy I have my YOG memorabilia. Get your card, or surprise a family member with this! It cost $28 for each card (with a prepaid value of $5), and $50 if you get both Lyo & Merly! Like how the DBS campaign goes… Own a piece of history. Get more details from the DBS website.

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