Friday, August 06, 2010

Red and white, and all things nice…

Many schools all around Singapore probably had their National Day celebrations this morning, and Little Big was no exception. I went over to the school at about 11 a.m. and managed to catch some of the “festivities”!

Of cos, late last night, I was in a mild state of panic.

Jay got to wear red and white?!?!

Oh gosh!

The only red or white tops I remembered were those I got him during Chinese New Year. A bit too cheena for this season. But you see, that is why online shopping rocks.

Cos I got him this tee-shirt from Asos.

This is my version of Singapore wear.


Don’t judge me, I’m a first-time Mommy! White and red, ya know!


Well, the kids had loads of fun, watching some past NDP parades on the big screen, and a special treat…


The teachers did a special “Jelly” version of the Singapore flag! You could hardly tear the kids away from this “cake”! Small flags were also given to each kid, and they all took turn to stick them into the Jelly!


I ain’t no photography genius, but these gorgeous looking kiddos sure make my life easier! Check out some of Jay’s friends!


Jay totally enjoyed having me in school today. I could hear him calling “Mommy, come here.” “Mommy, see this.” “Mommy, do this.” And compared to his other classmates, he is so talkative!

Ms Yun: “Children, sit down please.”

Jay: “We are all sitting down… Only Ansel never sit down.”

Ms Yun: “Can you please tell Ansel to sit down?”

Jay: “Ansel sit down on the chair now.”


Ms Yun asking the class: “What colour jelly do you want? Red or white?”

Jay (the ONLY one who replied her): “Hmmm…. I want RED! I want RED!”

In the span of less than five minutes…

Jay: “Mommy, this is Amber. The pink one. This is Nicolas. The yellow one… See? Oscar the grouch, he is inside the dustbin… I want to eat ham. Where’s the ham? I cannot see the ham. I want ham. I like ham.”

Oh and he went on and on and on! And I could hardly hear a peep out of his classmates!

My little chatterbox…


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