Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Our Yummy Breakfast

I have heard so much about Wild Honey. From friends and colleagues who raved about their yummy all-day breakfast sets!

I wanted to order the I Love NY set, but as that was out, I settled for Sweet Morning instead.


Looks ordinary. But. Oh. My. Goodness.


The thick toasts were stuffed with sweet mangoes, and the raspberry jam made the perfect tarty and tangy taste!


Nic had the American breakfast. But his tastebuds (and wallet) have been spoilt by the yummy breakfast fare of Sydney! So he feels this is just so-so.

We were so stuffed from our breakfast that our next meal was dinner!

Jay had a good time at the restaurant too.


They gave him an exercise book and markers.

Look closely…


It’s a Japanese writing book! Haha!


Mammatalk said...

I hope you took a bite for me!

San said...

@Mammatalk: I think I took enough bites to last us ALL! Haha! :P

Jerb said...

I have been dreaming about your mango toast ever since u told me abt it! Man, I must try it after my confinement!