Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Little Boy’s Prayer

Daddy and Mommy brought Jayvon to the Night Safari.

On the way there, while still in the cab, a few fat raindrops plopped down.

Mommy turned to Daddy and said, “Oh no, looks like it is going to rain!”

Daddy turned to Jay and said, “Do you want to pray for the rain to stop?”

Jay turned to God and said, “Dear Jesus, thank you for the rain. Let the rain stop so that Daddy, Mommy, Jayvon, and Bear-bear can go to the Night Safari. In Jesus’ name. And all God’s children say…

Daddy, Mommy chimed in, “Amen!”

(Though when he started out by saying, “Thank you for the rain…” we were a teeny weensy bit concerned…)

20 minutes later, as the cab reached the Night Safari and we bundled out of the cab…

The sky was cleared up!

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