Friday, September 24, 2010


My son is a talker. And he says the funniest (and sometimes super-embarrassing -causing-Mommy-to-want-to-look-away-and-make-like-she-didn’t-hear-anything), and at the oddest of times.

With new faces or in new situations, however, he takes some time to warm up to the crowd before, you know, warming up the crowd with his antics.


So if you’re feeling blue about the weather or the huge traffic stall-ups due to F1, here’s my little yakking boy to bring a smile to your face!


While Mommy and Jay were waiting in line to make payment at a supermarket…

Jay: (Pointing to a stranger with a huge potbelly) Uncle has a baby too?

Mommy: (Red-faced, and pointedly trying not to see the abovementioned pot-bellied uncle) Don’t say that, Jay.

Jay: Why?


Grandmother trying to coax Jay…

Grandma: Do you want to play with my handphone, Jay?

Jay: Your handphone got games?

Grandma: … (She has an old ricketty Nokia, totally old-school, meant for, you know, plain calling! Haha…)


This is not about Jay’s yakking. But about his amazing wrestling ability.

It’s Daddy’s fault, see? In their rough play, Jay has developed a sure-fire win method. Yes. This small 14-kg boy can immobilize a much bigger-sized Daddy.

He sits on Daddy’s face. And Daddy’s usually at a lying position, right smack between some smelly pampers and the floor/bed.

I kid you not.

I will try to take a shot to prove this. But usually I am rolling over in laughter at his ingenuity to think of such a move, and the sight of such a scene!! Totally brilliant.


Jerb said...

HAHA! No wonder they say 'kids say the darnest things'!

Edmund said...

I like the Uncle Baby story...

So embarassing! :)