Friday, September 24, 2010

I’m going to F1!!


I am totally pumped! Nic managed to snag two free (yippee!) tickets to the F1 match. He could have chosen Sunday tickets, but we had a family dinner on Sunday planned way long ago, so unfortunately we won’t be able to see acts like Mariah Carey or Adam Lambert (o still, my weeping heart…)


This is where our seats are!

Let me make it easier for you…


Grandstand seats at The Pit!

And the awesome-est part? Each ticket was worth S$1,288! Exciting!

Now the only question…

What do I wear?!? Yikes!

I promise, blog posts will be up of my maiden F1 voyage! Check back soon!


Edmund said...

Oh Wow! That's so cool!

Hmm...Wat to wear...My member is a singtel grid girl...Want to borrow her costume :)

San said...

Hahaha... Thanks ah ED, but I dun wanna kill the other spectators. LOL!

Serene (Singapore) said...

So, so cool! Wish I were going too! :)

RJ said...

Enjoy yourself at F1! :D