Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dinner in the House

Last Sunday, after a wonderful day at Polliwogs, we proceeded to House at Dempsey Road for a meal to celebrate Aunty Sharon’s birthday!

I may be the last Singaporean (ok, last two, including Nic) who have yet to step foot into this uber cool enclave known as Dempsey, but I loved it. I’d probably love it more if we actually had a car to make it there, but hey, this would be my last few times at this area!


Here’s Aunty June & Aunty Sharon!


And though the birthday girl was around, the star was undisputedly…


The food was delicious, and we ordered a huge spread!

Sweet potato chunks.

Very yummy truffle fries. Jay loved these too!

Rib-eye steak

Wild truffle mushroom skinny pizza

Ginger butter chicken skinny pizza

In a word… YUMMY!


Jerb said...

The last pizza looks good! Maybe I'd be allowed to eat it during my confinement now since there's ginger in it! Heh!

San said...

Haha... it does have ginger... AND a whole lot of other things!

Eileen W said...

OMG! The rib-eye steak looks fabulous!!

San said...

Hi Eileen... yes, according to my hubby the steak was delish!