Monday, October 11, 2010

Kids’ Day Out!

After much planning, some of us mothers finally managed to execute a day out for the kiddos at Polliwogs. Of course, this is practically Jay’s second home (or so he would wish), but having his friends running around with him made him all the more happier and excited!

We started the morning with breakfast at Burger King’s. Where Jay proceeded to show us how a lion would eat a hashbrown.



Look mommy! No hands!

After our little Nat Geo Wild experience, and before he could show me how he would lap up the ice milo from the table, we quickly proceeded to Polliwogs.

How much does he love this playground?

befoore after

He was perspiring like mad!


Here’s a compiled shot of Jay and his friends running around in the confines of the indoor playground!

Jay had oodles of fun, especially in the ball pit!



All in all it was an awesome way to spend Sunday morning, with good friends and great company!

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Klessis said...

Play dates are so much fun!!!!!! =D