Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Animals on the “zoo bus”


One of Jay’s favourite activities is to line his MANY toy animals up in a row and announce that he is sending them to the zoo (or farm, or Parkway Parade, depending on his mood) via his “zoo train” or “zoo bus” (also depending on his mood)…

It is so amusing  to watch, and he is deeply serious about which animals gets onto that “train” or “bus” and he would happily sit at the front of the line, and sing songs as he leads the animals to the destination.

Not every animal makes the cut. Not every animal has the necessary chops to make it on the bus. Jay and Jay alone decides. And if you try to slip an “unauthorised” animal onto the line, you will hear a curt “NO!” from the Captain.

Best to leave him be…

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