Monday, November 01, 2010

An awesomely Happee Day!

This Sunday was a special treat for both Jay and I, as we managed to snag an invite to the most happening party on a Halloween morning. Haha! Thanks to Daphne, she is one amazing one-woman-wonder, who managed to put together a wonderful and colourful event for some 30 kids from Children’s Cancer Foundation.

I know this day is for the kids.

And boy, judging by the number of smiles I saw on their faces, and on that of the parents, I’d say it was a roaring success!

But my Jay had such a fun time, I feel almost embarrassed. Almost. But still super happy he had such a blast!


As we entered the entrance of Hort Park, we were immediately greeted by colourful balloons!


There isn’t enough space to write lyrical about the food. Apart from the yummiest Nonya cuisine I tried, there were snacks galore for the kiddos! Check out these chocolate cupcakes!


And Jay loved the raspberry icecream!

Many mascots were seen roaming, and at first Jay wa not feeling da love from the Pooh Bear, Batman or Incredible Hulk… till the Hulk offered a tribute to my prince in the form of a lollipop. Ah, after that, all mascots took a dear place in his little heart.

Loads of other fun stuff….


Talented ballonists huffed and puffed and twisted their way to the kids’ hearts…


A bouncy castle that got all the kids crazy screaming inside…


A picture-perfect spot for a family portrait, and we even got it printed on the spot…


His very first caricature…

And loads more! As you can see, we had such a blast, and I am sure the CCF kids enjoyed themselves too! Kudos once again to Daphne for organizing this wonderful day out!


Alexander Mcking said...

It indeed does look super awesomely fun!

Haha! Jayvon's face was so cute when he's holding up the caricature!

I miss him already!

Dewi Batrishya said...

OMG.. This post is super sweeeeet.. ^^
Spread the LOVE... ^^

San said...

@Alex: Haha! Ya, he was trying to smile for me. LOL! He was very happy with his "face" as he kept calling it.

@Dewi: Thanks! ;)

Jerb said...

Looks fun! What an awesome event it must be :)