Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The buying’s easy. The wrapping’s the killer.

This year, I told myself I would not make the mistake of previous years.

You know, the mistake of presents bought at the last-minute, and endless trips to the mall to get “oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-to-buy-for-so-and-so-oh-just-kill-me” gifts.

So this year, I was a real good girl.

I married my online shopping prowess with the mighty credit card. It was mighty then, just mighty thin now.

I scoured my favourite online shops, and actually managed to complete a good 75% of my Christmas presents online! Woohoo!

I was beaming from my amazing Christmas feat – by the beginning of December, I gloated at the thought that I had nothing to be worried about when it came to this year’s Christmas.

Nothing, that is, except the wrapping.

My convoluted list of which-present-is-for-who was written is such garbled language that I was the only one able to decipher the code. And so I was. The only one to wrap the presents. I hauled my heavily pregnant butt to sit on the floor for a good two and a half hours, and here was what I had to show for numb legs.


Wrappers courtesy of Ikea.


Roll of pretty gold ribbon.


And ta-da, the completed prezzies! I wrapped almost 40 presents in all! Yippee to me! (And that means just another 40 more to go… Lovely.)

Well, here’s hoping your Christmas preparations go smoother this year as well!


Anonymous said...

are u done wrapping then??

San said...

Hiya! Yes, *pat on the back*, 90% done now! Haha!

MamaJ said...

WOW... 80 presents to wrap? Its already amazing that you already finished your shopping! *pat on back*

And thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment... take care! :)

Janice said...

Wish I could have swapped places with you, since I enjoy wrapping more than shopping!

San said...

Hihi MamaJ: The thing about Christmas shopping is that no matter how "prepared" you might be, there're always some last-min entries to your shopping list! Haha!

Dear Janice: I'll take you up on your offer! Hahaha! Let's work together for Christmas '11! :D