Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jay and his little brother

I think when my second prince comes along, Jay will have a mighty fine time talking to his little brother!

Here’s his take on certain things…


On sharing his toys:

Mommy: When Didi comes, will you share your toys with him?

Jay: No.

Mommy: Erm, how about the toys you are not playing with anymore?

Jay: Huh?

Mommy: You know, the baby toys you have in the box. Not your animals or puzzles, but those baby toys.

Jay: (considering) Hmm… OK. Can.

On playing with Didi:

Mommy: You will have so much fun playing with Didi next time!

Jay: (smiles widely)

Pause while Jay digests what I’ve said…

Jay: After playing, will Didi go back in? (Pointing to my tummy)

Mommy: No sweetheart, once Didi comes out, he is out. For good.

On Christmas Day & presents-time:

Jay: Why is my elephant puppet wrapped up? (Present courtesy of Aunty Sharon)

Mommy: Because it is a Christmas present, and you can only open your presents on Christmas day.

Jay: When is Christmas?

Mommy: Coming soon, baby. (I doubt he understands the concept of “two weeks later”)

Fast-forward to another conversation…

Jay to Aunty/Grandma/Aunty Umah (or anyone who’ll listen): Mommy says I can open my presents tomorrow!

[This is my fault. Tomorrow does seem “soon” to an almost-three-year-old!]


Anonymous said...

somehow somewhere i know the question will come when Jay is asking for the elephant ..haha

Next question, why Christmas is still not here?

aunty sharon

San said...

Haha! That is the question he asks about his birthday! "Why is Jayvon's birthday so sloooooow???"