Friday, December 03, 2010

Finally… back in Singapore!

What an awesome past seven days it has been.

Awesomely spiritual, awesomely fun and also awesomely tiring! While my friends and co-workers took extremely good care of this pregnant woman, I must admit that the past few days of walking and sleeping late and all have taken a toll… on my poor back! Having bad back-aches now! Haha! But it is ALL WORTH IT.

Summarizing will hardly do the past seven days justice. But I want to pen as much down before I forget.

The YK District Retreat was from Nov 27-30 at Pulai Springs, JB Malaysia. The theme of the Camp was Eat.Pray.Love, and man, we sure did all three to the max!

I was on the planning committee, and helped in the administrative portion of the camp. Some of us committee members went to JB a day earlier to settle the work before the rest of the campers arrived, and so Nic, Jay and the maid also went in. We spent a good part of the Saturday settling in, checking into the rooms, and also went to Jusco to get some supplies and logistic items for the camp. By the time we returned back to the Resort, it was evening, and we quickly settled for dinner and it was down to WORK.

That first night, we all slept at 3 a.m. The second night was nominally better – 2 a.m.! And we thought the last night would be a breeze, but a decision to change the schedule kept WL, Von & I up till past 3 a.m. printing out the revised schedules and placing them under each camper's hotel room door! The accumulated lack of sleep was all worth it at the finale session, when Ps YK asked the members to share what they had learnt and experienced from the camp. I was so, so touched by the testimonies of the adults, as they shared candidly and frankly about their marriage struggles or fears, and how the entire camp brought the family together, and helped them so much!

Ps Tan even made his way down to JB to share with the couples on marriage, and he was at his mind-blowingly best (as always)! It was the session I most enjoyed, and learnt the most from too!

Most of my CG members shared that they were most impacted seeing 30-, 40- and 50-year olds giving their best during the telematch, as it gave them the opportunity to see how living a life as a Christian should be – living well, and living for God!

It was two years since our last YK District Camp, and while the preparation work is hard hard HARD work, seeing lives transformed and changed make it all worth it!!!

And, in case you are wondering at the sheer number of words I’ve written with nary a photo… well, I did bring my Canon camera, but I was much too busy scuttling about to take any photos. Sad, I know… Sigh!

I managed to whip out my camera more for the next Retreat though… coming up in my next post!


Jerb said...

U r a super mommy! :)

San said...

Hahaha! We all become super mommies. :)