Friday, December 03, 2010

YIFON Mushrooms

Jayvon never had a soft spot for mushrooms till we went for a visit to an organic mushroom farm a few months back with some kids from RAYZ. Apart from walking around the farm, we were also treated to some freshly cooked mushrooms… and he adored them!

When the good folks at Vibes Communication invited me to try out a range of bottled mushrooms, I jumped at the chance, knowing that it would be right up Jay’s alley!

Six bottles of mushrooms, with a variety of mushrooms and flavours.

I decided to activate two very willing participants. And once they were ready, we started our mini mushrooms fiesta!


Boy-o-boy, they were such willing participants!


Jay was so amused with the small bottles, he was overly enthusiastic when it came to the taste-test.


Just a tad too hungry, as you can see.

Well, we soon managed to pry the bottle from his fingers, and decided to try the YIFON Teatree Mushrooms first!


The verdict?

IMG_0938  IMG_0942

It boded very well! Both Daddy and Jay agreed it was yummy.

And then it was a full-out feast! Daddy tried the YIFON Spicy Bailing Mushrooms next.


Daddy quite liked it, though we decided Jay should skip it cos of the spiciness.

We opened the YIFON Bailing Mushrooms (the non-spicy version), and it was much better (for Jay)!


To end off our little mushroom party, Daddy tried the YIFON Spicy Nameko Mushrooms, which he felt was pretty appetising and would go well with some porridge.

If you pop by any major supermarket, you’d be able to get your hands on these new YIFON bottled mushrooms for an affordable $1.95 a bottle. Of these 6 bottles, there is also YIFON Assorted Mushrooms, which are unflavoured, and perfect for cooking.

For me, this is a quick and healthy meal add-on for Jay!

To end off, check out a short video of Jay enjoying his mushroom mini-meal!

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