Monday, December 06, 2010

Preparing for Baby #2

A busy month of November preparing for camp after camp has kept me occupied enough to put off planning for the arrival of my second prince.


Now when I DO have a little bit more time to think about it… it is scary. To have to do it all over again.

The nightly 3-hour feeds. The sterilizing of the bottles. The teeny-tiny baby with the teeny-tiny clothes.

We really do need to sit and plan out what to get for Baby. Having our kids this far apart also means (1) I have half-forgotten how to care for an infant, (2) I have either thrown or given away a lot of stuff for the care of the said infant and (3) I need to get MORE stuff!

A well-meaning friend asked me a few weeks back what he could get for Baby. Without blinking an eye, I replied, “Money.” I think only parents will understand the wisdom of my words. Haha!

Lord, bless us in our planning! *Cue the frenzied hair-pulling running-like-a-headless-chicken state-of-utter-panic routine to begin soon…*


Jerb said...

Oh my friend, God bless ur pockets! Lotsa $ to be spent but very worth it indeed! :)

San said...

Amen. :D