Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oh, the things we do (and say) in our youth!

Do you remember the things you said you would do when you were, you know, older? I’m not just talking about wishing you would grow up to be a policeman or a teacher or a lawyer (though kudos to you if you fulfilled your childhood fantasy).

It’s things that you thought you’d do or be when you turned, say, 30. Like travel the world twice over, or live in some exotic cultures for a season in your life, or get on a yacht or see the inside of a Lamborghini.

For me? I had some ideas up my sleeve. Some more idealistic than others, some more materialistic.

And one of the things… which I SAID I would do once I hit 30… was to succumb to using SK-II. Yes. That much-lauded “miracle water.” Heaven knows I need whatever boost I can get.

I was lamenting to my hubby about my failure to fulfill this, despite hitting the big 3-0. Of course, being the man he is, and knowing the imminent outflow of cash it would incur, he tried to convince me I didn’t need this “miracle water.”

Hmm. Yeah. Right.

But I succumbed. The moment I drew near that SK-II counter, I could already feel my wallet lightening. And so it was meant to be, that I got my hands on these SK-II products. I immediately told Nic about it, and told him to pray… that either it works super well for me, OR it has zero effect. Hahaha!


Here’s to better skin!


Xia said...

I have a soft spot for certain line of skincare products too! And the thing about skincare is we can't just buy a single item. :P It's always an entire line of cleanser, toner, refiner, essence, mask...

Hooray to bettter skin! :)

Janice said...

Any noticeable effects from using the SKII line just yet? I have friends who swear by the Miracle Water...and some who warn not to even start with SKII less we be hooked.

San said...

Hi Janice: I must admit, I AM sold to SK-II products. The very first night I used it, I woke up with "matte" skin where I normally have oily pores (no matter the kind of night cream I use)... That is the first very noticeable diff. It's been about 2 weeks now, and I *think* my skin condition has improved somewhat!
So yes... be warned. It IS addictive! :P