Monday, January 10, 2011

Food of Bali: Bluefin Seafood

We ate at this Japanese fusion restaurant twice, and thoroughly enjoyed both times! I read great reviews on Trip Advisor and so we decided to make our way there for dinner.


My order – soft shell crab fried rice. Totally yummy! Jay slurped off 1/3 of my plate! And at just Rp. 52,000, I thought it was a good deal!


Robata Seafood – we decided to try it out. Not too bad!


California Roll – Yummy and chock-ful of fresh ingredients!


Cream Cheese Chicken Roll – another recommended dish by TA. I felt the blue cheese topping was a little overwhelming, but the cream cheese stuffed in the middle was absolutely divine.

Together with drinks, our total meal came up to Rp. 450,000 or about S$65 for three persons. Considering we also spent approximately this amount for lunch at Flapjaks (which was a totally disappointing experience), this accounts to why we came again another time!

If you ever make it to Bali, make sure you pop by this place for a great meal experience!

Bluefin Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Kartika Plaza #16
Bali, Indonesia

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Jerb said...

Whoa, the food looks mouthwatering good! Will note this!