Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food of Bali: Melasti Seafood, Jimbaran

After a fulfilling full day’s tour, we ended a perfect day by going for seafood dinner by the beach, at Jimbaran Bay.

I’ve read tons of reviews, both good and bad, and once there, I was a little taken aback: (1) the sheer number of restaurants along Jimbaran and (2) how there’s NO WAY we could find the restaurant I read reviews about cos there wasn’t any “map” of the restaurants there.

I read about Lia’s Cafe, how it offered affordable seafood at a good price. And my good friend Melvin recommended Melasti Seafood. We checked with a nearby police post. Lia’s was a good 2km away. And Melasti was just three restaurants down the road. So no surprises as to where we ended up.


The service: good. The waiters were super accommodating to us! We went still in two minds as to outdoor or indoor seats, and the sky threatened to rain. We chose outdoor, and had to think between actually sitting along the beach or on the patio. And when we finally settled in to the patio seats, big fat drops of rain started falling. After gamely ignoring it for a good two minutes, we finally gave in and moved indoors. 15 minutes later, the sky cleared, and we decided to move BACK out. All through out, the waiters maintained their friendly demeanour, and gladly helped us cart the baby high chair and our drinks in and out!

The food: so-so. We decided to go for the ala carte dishes, rather than to choose the set meals (which were pricey!).


The grilled tiger prawns and grilled fish – thumbs up! The spongy squid and over-fried chicken – not so hot. The serving of vegetables were complimentary.

But honestly, we didn’t just go there for the food. We went there for the promised gorgeous view!




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