Monday, January 17, 2011

My countdown… Week 26!

26 weeks into my second pregnancy. Which means it is 14 weeks (and likely lesser) to the arrival of my second prince!

God has been very good to me (and by me, I am also including Nic. Cos a bad day for Mommy means a bad day for Daddy) in this pregnancy. Though the symptoms have been a little more uncomfortable, thankfully I can still pretty much function as I have always, and Baby is growing on time and on schedule!

Oh, and speaking of “Baby”…. He has a name now. I chose it almost a month back, but never had the chance to blog about it yet. I’ve had so many people ask me if I would start Baby #2 with a “J” as well. Honestly, I did try to start with that. At least I’d narrowed down the possibilities from the other 25 letters of the alphabet! But with so many of Jay’s friends also have names starting with J, my list grew shorter and shorter as I thought about it.

I had narrowed it down to a few “J” choices. Jaydon or Jayden … which was promptly shot down by Nic who felt it was too common. Jesse … Love this name, but in the Singapore/Asian context, it can be a too ambiguous a name. Jude … another fave of mine. But I’ve heard how some Chinese-educated people “butcher” poor Jayvon’s name, and I think Jude will be another lamb on that block.

And so it was back to the thinking cap for me. And when I say me, I mean just me. Nic cleverly took the “heavy” burden of choosing the Chinese name of Baby. Wow. Out of the three Chinese characters, one is the constant (surname), and he plans to keeps the last one constant as well. Wow. To think of that one Chinese word. Nice. Hahahaha!

If you know me, you’ll know that I have a deep love and long-running relationship with Scrabble. I mean the actual game. The ipad app Words With Friends entertains me for a while, but nothing beats sitting and playing the actual thing! And as such, I have a love for the 5 high-scoring consonants – J, K, Q, X and Z. Since Jayvon has taken up one of these, I decided Baby will also have a “high-scoring” name!

And so…. his name shall be called…. XAVIER.


Xia said...

14 weeks (or earlier) to seeing Baby Xavier! :) This 2nd pregnancy kinda seems faster?

San said...

@Xia: Hahaha! Think it only seems that way cos we're so busy! We live our lives in cycles of "big" days! :P

Petrina seow said...

Xavier... Hm...seems like some of our friends have that name...

Esther said...

Lovely name..! Cant wait to see him. Aunty Est has bought his gift already! :)

Klessis said...

Feels so fast, this pregnancy!! (Of course, you prob think it can be even faster.. LOL!) Can't wait to meet Baby Xavier!