Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jay’s birthday – Part 2


The deco: Balloons galore.

The food: Mini-buffet courtesy of Angel’s Restaurant

And most importantly…



I ordered from the same online shop, and these cute cupcakes cost $5.50 for the 3D version, and $3.50 for the 2D ones. To know more, you can email me and I will send you her email address!

It was a fun-filled celebration with family and some close friends, and Jay was enjoying being in the centre of attention!


He had set his eyes on these walking animal balloons, sold at Parkway, and we’ve always told him we’d get him one for his birthday. Well, time to make true on our promise! Haha! He adored his dino, and was so amused by it!

All in all, it was an enjoyable birthday celebration, and most importantly… it’s finally over! Haha!


Jerb said...

Such pretty cupcakes! What are the little animals made of? Sugar?

Xia said...

I like the cuppycakes! Ahh, the colours are sooooo pretty!

San said...

@Jerb: Yes - these are fondant cupcakes. Edible "sugar" but thankfully not very tasty, so Jay ate a little but didn't love it too much! :P

@Xia: Yes I agree! Very bright and cheery!