Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay’s Birthday… The cake!

Preparations for Jay’s third birthday started waaaaaaay back in November. Then, I started surfing the forums and checking out reviews for his birthday cake. For his 1st two birthday cakes, we went for Coffee Bean’s 3D cakes, which were cute and pretty affordable – but limited in design, and so this time, I decided to scour for better options. If you are looking for nice cakes for kids’ birthday parties, here’s some websites you can check out:

  • Coffee Bean (offers cute 3D ones, impressive looking and at an affordable price.)
  • e-Creative (gorgeous 3D cakes! I almost ordered from them, but their cakes usually start at 2kg, which was a bit too heavy for Jay’s small school party)
  • Smiling Orchid (I heard from two different sources of this cakery! Great reviews, and so this will definitely be on my list for Jay’s 4th birthday!)
  • Cheryl Shuen (Love the photos of the cakes she puts up, but as I was really too busy, didn’t get the chance to go for the consultation)

In the end, I opted for another online shop, and ordered an 8-inch cake (for his school party) & a mix of 2D and 3D cupcakes for the separate celebration with family. Here’s the cake!



Friday was the day we celebrated his birthday in school!

I think Nic and I were probably more excited than Jay was!



His classmates were totally taken with the cake, though!

Part 2 of the birthday celebration coming up!


Klessis said...

The cake looks super duper CUTE!!!!!!

Xia said...

I like it that the '3' candle is at the side and not the conventional way of being on the cake. :)