Monday, February 28, 2011

The best Daddy in the world. Like, seriously.

Sometimes, Daddies are overlooked and underrated. So much attention is on the Mummy, that Daddy’s contribution tend to get overshadowed and under-appreciated.


But Daddy’s the seriously cool one. Here’s my Top 5 picks on why Daddy’s the one.

  1. He SO doesn’t mind when Jay attempts to “style” his hair and it gets all rumpled and messy. If it were me, I’d be grumbling and getting the monkey out of my hair (literally)!IMG_1514
  2. He totally allows Jay to wrestle him. And by “wrestle,” it includes Jay pinning and sitting on Daddy’s face.
  3. Nic is #2 on the nappy-changing duty. A few moons back, I instituted that since I was  on “moo” duty, it was only right (and fair) that he take over the “poo” duty. Of course, I’ve long since relegated the moo-ing job, but hey, Jay still needs his diaper changes! Why is Daddy #2? Cos the maid’s #1! Haha! But in all fairness, Nic does it willingly. At least silently. Without a whimper of a complaint. Da best, I tell you!
  4. Not only is he on (perpetual) “poo” duty, in recent weeks, Jay has taken to insisting Daddy put him to bed. Every. Single. Night. This bed-time duty used to be shared between Nic and I. But my very smart son knows the weak link when he smells one. And while Mummy literally just sleeps with him, Daddy is the ever-obliging one – giving him loads of back-rubs and butt-taps and endless story-telling! (Mummy usually gets sleepy after just one short story…)
  5. Just for being so patient with a very pregnant and increasingly grumpy Mummy, this makes #5 on the list! Haha!

Especially with our second prince coming up (in 7 weeks’ time), I think it is high-time to high-five the hands-on Daddy! Cheers to ya, baby!

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