Monday, March 07, 2011

These boots may be made for walking, but the rest of me sure ain’t

The breathlessness has officially set in.

It takes someone who (1) is pregnant or (2) has been pregnant or (3) has a wife that is pregnant to truly, madly, deeply understand this. See, you might know a friend or colleague or buddy or boss who’s pregnant, but only the above 3 categories will understand the full agony. Of getting breathless while undertaking the simplest tasks. Nothing major, mind you. I’m hardly talking about a triathlon or a 5 km walk. Nope. It can be as simple as getting to the bus-stop. Walking to and fro the food court from lunch.

And I’m being nice here, by including the 3rd categories (i.e. the hubbies). As much as I love Nic, and I know he empathises with me (he should, ya know… why else is there all that social work training for, if he extend some of that kindness to moi?), there are times when he exhales “Oh, I had a tiring day!” and I’d half want to take a swing at his head and scream, “TIRING??!?!? I’m telling you, Mister, you don’t know what the word even MEANS! Don’t talk to ME about tiring!!!”

But then I take a breath, look out the window, and give an accommodating, “Uh huh…”

My colleague asked me to pass him some documents, and as I was sitting and explaining to him, he turned to me and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

Cos I was panting and out of breath.

Oh Lord-y.

Well, it is just six more weeks to the arrival of Baby X. I would think we are just about ready, save for another trip to United Square to get the cloth diapers and to the Takashimaya Baby Fair (which will start 9 March, and ends on the 27th). Exciting days ahead!

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