Friday, March 11, 2011

Mars Needs Moms

imageI was invited by Klessis to go for a special preview of the latest Disney offering, Mars Needs Moms, and I happily heeded that call, enticed by the prospect of watching yet another 3D movie, and this time with Jayvon in tow as well!

I’ve watched a couple of other 3D movies, and was initially concerned about the too-big 3D specs for Jay, but over at The Cathay, I was so pleasantly surprised that they also offered 3D specs that actually fitted well, and even a kids-sized version as well! Very cool. Jay took to his glasses well, and we made sure we were well “stocked up” with a bag of chips, pop corn, orange juice (for him) and a bottle of coke (for us)! Call us ‘kiasu’ (slang for afraid to lose out), but we’d brought Jay for movies, and usually, it is the enticement of the snacks that make the difference between us sitting through the entire movie and spending it on the OTHER side of the cinema door!

We saw some familiar faces too – Jay’s Little Big schoolmate!


Well, the star of the movie was still a boy called Milo, whose mother, well, got alien-napped by the Martians, and it is a story of restoration and redemption! Jay was asking me, “What happened to the boy’s Mommy? Why the boy cannot find her? What happened???” And it was a tad too “advanced” a storyline for a three-year-old. However, I am so proud he managed to stick through the entire movie (save for a short 5-min foray outside, when things got too noisy and a bit frightening, but he was quickly placated to re-enter the hall).

All in all, it was an enjoyable movie outing! I’d definitely recommend this cartoon, but for those older than 8, who would enjoy the jokes and graphics more!

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