Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am…Octo-Mummy!

Cue the band!


Having two kids is no laughing matter. Hats off to those who have two kids (or more)! I find my capacity and patience s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d with my two boys!

Thankfully for now, the Confinement aunty is still around to lend a hand. In the afternoons, to let the aunty have a break and catch some shut-eye, I usually bring Xav into the bedroom and take care of him. Once Jay comes back from school. however, I usually plomp the baby back into her capable arms, to spend time with  Jay in the evening. However, there would still be times that I find myself alone with both boys… and where I find myself silently thanking God that Xav is still too young to make any verbal demands on my time and that Jay is still pretty manageable (most times).

The aunty will go back on Friday morning, and that is when my life officially… I don’t know to say if it ends or begins, cos both seems to ring true. Let me go on the positive first, and say that this Friday will be my re-induction into the life of a full time Mummy, coupled with sleep deprivation and general fatigue! If you happen to speak to me anytime after Friday, please have mercy on my sleep-deprived brain. I will get accustomed to it, but I need time… Hahaha! I have just another month to get used to working under that haze of sleep-deprivation, before going back to work! How time flies!!!

Ah well, it is exciting to launch on this journey once again, and seeing my baby boy grow (and oh boy, has he GROWN!) never fails to bring to smile to my face!

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