Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My little Picasso

Blogged so much about Xavier, I think it is time for Jay to get back into the spotlight a little! Haha!

I have so missed going out with Jay and hanging with him, given that I was unfortunately confined for the past few days. The good news was – my confinement aunty allowed me to get out for some much-needed fresh air after Day #12. And I jumped on the chance! Brought Jay out to Parkway all by myself, and bought a handful of toys for him (and a cute 2-piece set for X’s full month celebration).

Well, when we reached home, I was too tired to actually play with him, and so it was up to Daddy (who was still recovering from his flu and tooth ache)…

Jay chose this toy:


And while it looked innocuous, I probably should have thought through a bit more about it. Cos it was m-e-s-s-y.


I realise now that an apron would have been a good idea. And a change of clothing to one better suited for such assault.


And maybe a table-cloth.


But you see, you can’t stop a genius at work.


And he was haaaard at work at his masterpiece!


It was half a hour of splattering paint and wild swirls…


but the mess finesse he displayed would have made Picasso (or at least Pastor Phil) proud! Haha!


Ta-da! The final art-piece. At time of blog, as yet unnamed.

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