Monday, May 23, 2011

A day to see a waterfall

Along with some of the leaders in the zone, a day trip to Johor Bahru was organized.

The first stop-off point… Kota Tinggi Waterfalls!


It was a picturesque venue. Scorching heat, but gorgeous photos!


While waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, Daddy decided to introduce Jay to nature. While Mommy hid behind her shades and took some photos…


This was too far a view, so Daddy decided to get up close & personal with the waters!


Leaving their shoes behind, the duo ventured onto the slimy and moss-covered rocks, and into the welcome cool of the waters.



I was a little concerned about having to entertain Jay over the entire day (and on the long rides on the coach). But these things proved to be my life-saver and Jay’s source of entertainment throughout the entire day:

#1: Adoring uncles and aunties who gladly hear his ceaseless chatter…

Jay with his very doting godpa!

#2: Adoring uncles and aunties who happily amuse Jay by posing for his new toy camera…



#3: The microphone on the coach…


… and (some) very amused uncles and aunties who kept egging Jay on to sing to them!

#4: Copious amounts of snacks ranging from chips to biscuits to hotdog buns to Garrett’s popcorn!

A lolly is always a hit with Jay! These are Mummy’s his faves – organic ones from Yummy Earth.

Some of the goodies that was laid out for the picnic at the waterfall area. 

#5: A dead cockroach. I kid you not.


It was alive. Scuttling near where we were laying the food. One of the aunties stepped on it. And Jay spent a good number of minutes baking in the hot sun to examine its remains, ensuring it was truly dead by squashing on it from time to time, and telling all and sundry to “See?!? Cockroach!”

A trip to JB is never complete without the shopping, and the food… and we did all that (with great gusto), with a bunch of fun and fun-loving people! What a wonderful way to spend our Sunday!

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Madeline said...

We took our wedding photos there! Love the waterfall.. great memories. Glad you guys had fun =)