Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Disney Junior

Thanks to the kind folks at T/PR, I was invited to a special presentation at Hatched of the latest offering by Disney – Disney Junior.


Now, if you have a kid in pre-school, you would probably be very familiar with Playhouse Disney and your child will be close friends with characters such as Handy Manny, Mickey, Oso and Pororo. (If the names ain’t familiar, you just need to spend an evening with Jay in front of the TV).

Well, in short, Disney Junior is the NEW Playhouse Disney, and the new channel will be launched in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia on July 11.  If you are a Starhub customer, it will still be on Channel 311.

IMG_2782I brought Jay to the launch as well, and he had a (literal) front row view of the new offerings Disney has in store.

He was intently listening to Nancy Kanter, the GM of Disney Junior Worldwide, introduce the various old and new programs to be launched from July 11.

Nancy also introduced some up-and-coming programs, that are currently being developed, and gave us snippets of how the show would pan out. Jay was sufficiently amused, and since this channels caters to kids aged 3 to 7, I would say it was a pretty good trial run for Disney! Haha!

One character that would take a firm place in my boy’s heart would probably be Jake, and the Never Land pirates!


I mean, Jay even came dressed for the part! Haha!



Jake & the Never Land Pirates features, well, pirates Jake, Izzy and Cubby as they go on their adventures in Never Land. And what is a pirate show without some meanies as their nemesis? Captain Hook & Smee nicely fill in that slot. The fun thing about this show? Original “pirate rock” music performed by the Never Land Pirate Band – who have animated alter egos Sharky & Bones to perform the show!

Other programs to look forward to: Disney poems “A Poem Is…”, where a classical poem is read to the backdrop of Disney cartoons – heartwarming, and allows kids to experience classical poetry in a “familiar” way; more songs by Choo Choo Soul (which Jay adores, and watches ad nauseum on Youtube) as well as new episodes of Handy Manny, Special Agent OSO and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (thankfully…)

Apart from the presentation, we were treated to a nice lunch (totally yummy, but you must understand I had a “wild Daddy lion” to grapple with, which explains the lack of photos…) I also had the chance to meet other Mommy bloggers, and Jay had the chance to also meet their kids.

But of course, he was a “Daddy lion”… and probably half-scared those poor girls.


Poor Kirs looking at Jay in utter… fascination. (He’s rolling his eyes by the way, his fave photo-taking pose nowadays).


But at least I managed to get ONE half-decent shot.

But the rest he was no longer Jayvon… but in his Daddy lion persona. I kid you not.


Well, we all had a blast that day! Thanks for your generous door gifts as well, Disney.



Inthedaisies said...

Sounds like really cool programmes are coming up! I was getting bored with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! =X

Li Yun said...

wow, sounds like a great channel!
I'm looking forward to see it!