Saturday, May 07, 2011

Finding the middle ground

Over the past few weeks, you can hardly walk past any coffeeshop or MacDonald’s, deli or steakhouse without hearing rigorous and even heated comments about… you’ve guessed it, the 2011 Singapore General Elections.

To think there was a time the government were so concerned Singaporeans were politically apathetic.

I think despite our uncommon grounds and beliefs and political affiliations, the one good thing that has come out of this entire episode (no matter who wins how many seats), is that Singaporeans are standing up to be heard. Or rather, standing up to make their voice heard. Regardless of whether or not anyone is hearing.

Friends who know me would know which side of the fence I lean. And I do not feel the need to keep on justifying my choice to the whole Facebook or Twitter world. And I don’t appreciate being virtually roll-eyed at, for my apparent “lack” of logical reasoning why I shouldn’t bat for the “other” team.

There are so many opinions. Theories. Rationalizations. Accusations. Heated arguments. Even within close friends, there is an obvious divide. And I am all for communication and convincing arguments. But somewhere along the line, right beside the tweets and blog entries, I think there must be a common ground. And in a few hours, once the GE results are released, things should hopefully go back to normal, and the battle-lines can be withdrawn and we can continue building this nation.

I even read an anonymous blogger (oooh, we all know how reliable those are) who claimed that there was a hidden agenda in wanting to blemish the name of one of the candidates. Well, I also remember a little over a year back, there was also one incdent, where the truths and lies were all half-smudged and mixed and rehashed till no one really could tell which was real and which was the fabrication of someone’s over-active paranoia and imagination. (If you know which specific case I am referring to, all well and good. Else, there’s actually quite a lot of media fodder that kinda fits this description, eh? Haha!)

So much to blog, but like I said, let’s focus more on the middle ground. :)

And, on a lighter note, here’s my handsome prince in his “party colours”!


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