Friday, June 10, 2011

Having a playmate

Lots of people have asked me: “How is Jay taking to his baby brother? Is he playing with him? Enjoying him?”

Well, given that Xav is barely three months old, the two of them do get along pretty fine. One talks a lot. The other barely listens. A winning combination, really. As for playing together, as yet unproven. Haha! But Jay obviously adores his baby brother, and never passes up the opportunity to talk to him or shower kisses on him, and gets tickled by seeing the little baby hands and feet. Jay keeps asking me, “Why can’t baby talk yet? Why can’t he walk yet? Why Mommy?” So I expect to have my hands FULL in a few months’ time!

We brought the kids out to East Coast beach for a quick spin, and to MacDonald’s for much-needed coffee for Daddy and Mommy.

Jay soon finished his fries and Iced milo, and started finding some fun with his brother instead.


He started playing Peek-A-Boo with his baby brother…


And was excitedly chattering non-stop as he fiddled with his new toy baby brother.


It was so amusing seeing how Jay genuinely enjoyed playing with Xav! Of course, seeing Jay is just three, we have to keep a constant eye as they played, cos Jay in his curiosity  would want to pat down X’s tummy or overly examine those tiny fingers or toes.

Am so proud of two my little men.

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