Sunday, June 26, 2011

Save The Colour at Jurong Bird Park

Courtesy of the good folks at the Jurong Bird Park, we were invited to their “Save The Colour” event. This event, which ran from 4 to 26 June, was all about avian conservation – chockful of activities to entertain both the young and the old (but especially the young!)

When I told Jay we were going to the Bird Park, he was ecstatic! While we’d been to the Zoo a couple of times, it would be our first time to the Bird Park, so it was really pretty exciting! After church, we quickly made our way down, and decided to first heed the call.. of our tummies, at Bongo Burgers!


U can tell it was going to be a good day ahead, as Jay was already chattering non-stop over the awesomely adorable animal shaped chairs at the restaurant.



And while we don’t usually expect Masterchef-esque fare from theme park restaurants, I would have to say the food here is more than passable, and was a good start to a long afternoon!

What’s the Save The Colour event? This youtube video pretty much sums it all up!

Our first stop: The Origami Village… where kids learnt how to fold origami, and their works of art lay prettily along the corridor!


Jay zeroed in on other activities though…



And here he is.. proudly showing off the handiwork!


The weather was perfect for a day out at the Bird Park (thank You, God!)… Cloudy and sunny at the same time.

The very first exhibit we visited was… you guessed it… the king penguins!


Daddy wanted to strike a similar pose as the daddy and baby penguin. Unfortunately, my imaginative little boy insisted that HE was the daddy, and flatly refused to pose as requested. Haha…

The regal-looking penguins were beautiful, and after that, we went on to take a tram ride to the Waterfall station.

Trivia time: The world’s largest manmade waterfall is right here in the Jurong Bird Park!



We proceeded to walk by foot to the other exhibits… Along the way, I was marvelling at the Bird' Park’s attention to detail – even their handrails show evidence of thought being put into it!


We then proceeded on foot to check out the other exhibits! We walked through Aviaries and came up close and personal with colourful birds, marvelled at the stoic-ness of the vultures, and every bird in between. Check out all the photos of birds I managed to capture – haha!


In line with Jay’s love for pirates, he couldn’t give up the chance to use these huge green binoculars. But Daddy’s gripe? These were non-three-year-old friendly, and the only step it offered probably would be better suited to a much older child. So Daddy stepped up to the plate, as you can see.

At the Bird Discovery Centre, we also took the opportunity to show Jay the variety of feathers, sizes of eggs, types of nests that birds had, and he was intrigued! The fact it was also in air-condition heaven proved a good respite for us all!


One of Daddy’s ways to let Jay have a better memory recall of our outings is to usually let him bring home a small “prize”… so he has stuffed animals from our trips to the zoo, night safari… and the bird park’s no exception. Meet Jolly, the toucan!


All in all, it was a fun, fun, fun day out with two of my favourite men! (My youngest one was happily snoozing at Grandma’s house…)


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