Friday, June 24, 2011

Lessons on politics and parenting

If you’ve followed my blog, you probably would have read I would be meeting the Emeritus Senior Minister in a first-ever MParader Connect Session with him.


I was a bit “shy” at first, and so didn’t want to bring my camera. So the photos are taken using my fabulously white and shiny new Blackberry Torch, but with a none-too-fabulous camera.


But before you think I will go into the DETAILS of what was discussed…

The ESM (wise man he is) has asked us to NOT blog about the details of what was discussed, nor quote him (either accurately or inaccurately). Which I feel is fair enough. He should not be held responsible for words that he may or may not have spoken, and may or may not be accurately represented.

Erm, so the purpose of this entry? Well, after the session (which lasted a very long 2.5 hours!), I had a few thoughts, and given my unique insight as a *ahem* parent, here’s some parable-worthy analogies. Any similarity to people you might know is well, purely coincidental, cos you know… I am really talking about my kids.

1) Kids have their own sense of right and wrong. And a strong sense of who should apologize to them.
Jay, for example, would insist on getting an apology every time we knock over one of his toys, or accidentally bump into him. Or when we knock into Bear-bear.

But try to elicit an apology when he bumps into you? A lot harder.

2) Kids tend to talk a lot. A lot, a lot, a LOT.
I read in a fellow Mummy’s blog (who’s also another Singapore Blog Awards finalist!) that her daughter goes into long monologues… Well, Jay is a Shakespeare fan. He loves his soliloquy and goes into long “conversations” with anyone and anything. But often, he would also break out and insist on hearing an answer from me or Daddy… but then continue on his line of thought without any much regard to what we say.

At play…
Jay: Today we’re going to build our zoo! Let’s build our zoo! Come Mummy, build your zoo. This is your animal, this is my animal… (and proceeds to “split” his loot of animal figurines. Which basically is the ones he loves and the ones he does not.)

Jay: (Sees me lining up the animals…) No, Mummy. Don’t build yet. Do you see me building my zoo? No, right? Not yet. Don’t build your zoo. See? I didn’t build my zoo. Correct? Do you see me building my zoo?

Mummy: Ok. When can I start?

Jay: Just wait. I will tell you.

3) Kids have a weird world-view sometimes. And once they have decided on something, ain’t nothing’s going to change their minds.
Jay has always loved animals, and especially after watching the Lion King, he has it in that little head of his that he is a lion. And not just any ordinary lion. The Daddy Lion.

Jay: I am a Daddy lion! Rawrrrr!

Aunty Teresa: I am a gigantosaurus!

Jay: Hah?

AT: A gigantosaurus! It’s a huge dinosaur.

Jay: I am the king of the world!

AT: The gigantosaurus is the king of the universe, you know.

Jay: Hah?

AT: It’s bigger than a Daddy lion.

Jay: RAWRRRR! I am bigger than you! I can eat you up!

Jay: Aunty Zar, I am going to the Science Centre. I am NOT going to bring you. I am going to see the sharks!

AT: Do you know what sharks eat? Lions, you know.

Jay: NO!!! RAWRRR! Sharks will eat YOU.

(thinks for a while, and you can almost see that purposeful smile coming to his face…)

Jay: Aunty Zar, do YOU want to go to the Science Centre with Mummy and me?


Well, it is pretty amazing how parenting is relatable to so many of our other experiences. :)


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