Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sissy mummy

Yes. I am a sissy Mummy.

I have two kids. TWO. Been through the delivery process not once but twice. You’d think I would have gotten over my insecurities/fears/anal-ness/inexperience now that I have my second kid.

But no… I have not. Like I said. Sissy mummy.

This is my Achilles Heel.


I have bought a variety of torture instruments baby nail clippers and scissors and plonked down some good money for such delicate surgical instruments to help me in my cause.

Of clipping my baby’s nails.


Why oh why oh why am I so “geli” (read: squeamish) about such a simple task?

I would tell you. If I only knew. But there’s something about those teeny-tiny fingers and delicate-as-paper nails that drive a shiver down my spine.

And I think there must be something about the milk they drink. Cos boy-o-boy can my kids’ nails GROW! Even after I manage to swallow my fear and tackle those nails, it takes maybe two days before I have to Do. It. Again. Talk about Mummy Bootcamp. I don’t get a break!

Fess’ up time (and alleviate my loneliness from being the only sissy mummy): Any of you mummies or daddies have your weak-knee moments too?


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