Monday, June 13, 2011

A trip to the Science Centre, and Mummy is seriously under-qualified

Science was never my forte in school. Then again, I didn’t have a pet subject in school. Save for English and maybe Accounts. Haha! This is why academics for the kiddos is Daddy’s duty. I usually manage to wing it most of the times, but a trip to the Science Centre seriously showed up my flaws. *cue the deep sighs* 

Well, the day started innocuously enough. A movie at the gorgeous IMAX theatre.


We caught the movie Hubble, and this was Jay’s very first time in this IMAX theatre. I was concerned he would (1) cry, (2) make a fuss or (3) disturb the other viewers. Well, 1 out of 3 ain’t that bad. Haha! He didn’t cry, though he did cover his eyes and ask to go outside. Before the movie even started. But with a snack in hand, he soon relaxed and enjoyed a journey through the solar system, soaking in the beautiful scenery of space.

After the movie, we made our way to the much-anticipated Planet Shark exhibit!


Jay adores animals. Especially ferocious ones. So he was excited about going for this exhibit!

Our little souvenir from the trip.

What is it with boys and computers? Haha!

Models of sharks… and check out that menacing row of teeth!

We then entered into the main exhibits of the Science Centre.

Now, like me, if you have a curious tot in your home, you’d probably be screaming shouting nagging saying these words a lot: “No, that can’t be eaten.” “Please don’t touch that dead beetle.”

Well, then the Science Centre would be like paradise for them.

See that rope, darling? Yes, you can pull. Sure. Tug away.


Oh, that huge echo tube there? Sure. Screeeeeeam all you want. No problem, sweetheart. Shriek away!


Weird-looking contraptions that might otherwise cause a fire? Play away!

IMG_3037 IMG_3042

Wheels to turn, buttons to press. And the license to run wild and see cool stuff.

What is there NOT to love about the Science Centre?

My only regret? That Daddy wasn’t around to make it a tad more educational. Why is that thing moving, Mummy? … (awkward pause while Mummy hurriedly reads the explanation…) Erm… Awesome, right, Jay? Let’s move on now, baby.

All in all, it was one awesome day spent with my boy! Looking forward to our next trip (and this time with Daddy in tow!) to the Science Centre.


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